No.Publication Year  Title Author
 1.2010 Vulnerability Assessment of Forest Ecosystem to Climate Change in Korea Using MC1 Model
Choi, S., Lee, W.K.,
Kwak,H.B., Kim, S.R.,
Yoo, S., Choi, H.A.,
Park, S., Lim, J.H.
Journal of Forest Planning Japan
 (In press)

 2010Spatial Distribution of Tree Radial Growth to Environmental and Climate Change in Seoul Central Urban Forest  Choi, H.A., Lee, W.K., Byun, J.G., Kwak, H.B.,
Kim, S.R., Byun, W.H.
Journal of Forest Planning Japan
 (In press)  

 3. 2010Influence of stand density on soil CO2 efflux for a Pinus densiflora forest in Korea Noh, N.J., Son, Y.H.,
Lee, S.K., Yoon. T.K., Seo, K.W., Kim, C.,
Lee, W.K., Bae, S.W., Hwang, J.
Journal of Plant Research (123: 411–419)

International (SCI)