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Improvement of Technical Limits in Forest Planning for Large area Unit

Improvement of Technical Limits in Forest Planning for Large area Unit
- Application of high resolution satellite imagery and forest Information system based on GIS -
Woo-Hyuk Byun, Woo-Kyun Lee, and Jun-Hak Lee
Abstract: This study presents how high resolution satellite imagery and forest information system based on GIS can be applied for forest planning of large area unit. For planning the large area forest, a variety and large quantity of informatioos on forest needs to be available and manageable. Precise informations on topography and current forest type of planning year are especially important for practical use of the forest plan. A variety of infonnations on forest can be available through various thematic maps prepared by NGIS(NattOnal Geographic Infonnations System) proJect. GIS techniques are very helpful for preparing topographical and spatial mfonnations such as slope, aspect, elevation and topographic index which means potential wetness of forest soil. These infonnations could be available from DEM(Digital Elevation Model) which can be prepared by digital contour line. Infonnations on forest type of a large area unit could be efficiently acquired by htgh resolution satellite imagery. Forest information system based on GIS, in which spatial and attribute data could be integrated and managed, changing can be spatially detected, and points or areas could be spatially querted under given conditions, is expected to be very helpful for managing variety of spatial informations and very useful for planning large area forest.
Key word: large area forest planning, thematic maps, GIS. high resolution satellite imagery, forest information system