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2009 개정 교육과정 중학교 사회 교과서의 기후변화 교육 내용 분석

This research analyses educational contents about the climate change in six middle school textbooks on social studies that are complied with the 2009 revised national curriculum. In this paper, we make a comparison of the contents about the climate change in these textbooks and present a standard to evaluate them based on the comparison in order to improve the textbooks. We observe that all the textbooks omit important descriptions, which are necessary to fully understand the climate change, about i) an understanding of the earth system, ii) phenomenon, predictions, and an adaptation of the climate change, and iii) an advance preparation for disaster caused by the climate change. This paper proposes several ways to enhance the textbooks such as strengthening linkages with science, presentation of broad corresponding direction, rearrangement of contents and Improving textbook revision process.
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