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Analysis of Relationship between Land Cover Change and Vegetation Temperature Condition Index in Central Dry Zone of Myanma

The purpose of this study is to investigate cause of increasing dry zones through
analyzing relationships between land cover and Vegetation Temperature Condition
Index(VTCI) using Landsat 4-5TM satellite images in Central Dry Zones of Myanmar.
As a result of land cover classifications, while vegetation areas gradually decrease,
residential area and cropland were increased. VTCI analysis shows that, region (a)
showed a gradual decrease in area of severely arid, and increase in area of moderate
dry and wet, which sums up to a slight decrease in aridity. Region (b) also showed
to increase in dry areas and severe aridity. The result of relational analysis between
VTCI and land cover change showed high ratio of land cover change, from severe arid
area to forest and residential farmland. The average VTCI decreased in the changed
land covers, which indicates the relationship between aridity and land cover change
and gradual increase in arid area.