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Applicability Analysis of Chemical Fate Model Considering Climate Change Impact in Municipal and Industrial Areas in Korea

As the temperature has changed by climate change, changes in its own characteristic values of the chemical substance or the movement and distribution of chemicals take place in accordance with the changes of hydrological and meteorological phenomena. Depending on the impact of climate change on the chemical behavior, it is necessary to understand and predict quantitative changes in the dynamics of the environment of pollutants due to climate change in order to predict in advance the occurrence of environmental disasters, and minimize the impact on the life and the environment after the incident. In this study, we have analysed and compared chemical fate models validated by previous studies in terms of model configuration, application size and input/output factors. The potential models applicable to municipal and industrial areas were selected on the basis of characteristic of each model, availability of input parameters and consideration for climate change, identified the problems, and then presented an approach to improve applicability.
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