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산림생태계 수자원 공급서비스 계량화 모형의 국내적용성 분석

Forest ecosystems generate variety of important goods and services for human well-being. As a growing concern of climate change and water shortage, it is necessary to quantify, model and map water balance in forest. In this study, we have analyzed 11 overseas forest water supply models (AIM, ATEAM, CENTURY, (E)SWAT, GUMBO, InVEST, PLM, SAVANNA, WaSSI, WaterGAP, WBM) and compared their scale, input and out data, availability of the models and analyzed the applicability of the models to Korea. As a result, InVEST and WaterGAP model appeared to be applicable for quantifying water provisioning services in Korea. A systematic approach for applying to evaluate water balance in forest was suggested based on our quantification approach.
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