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Changes in Air Temperature and Surface Temperature of Crop Leaf and Soil

Temperature is one of the most important factors affecting crop growth. The diurnal cycle of the scale factor [Tsc] for air temperature and the surface temperature of crop leaf and soil could be estimated by the following equation : [Tsc]=0.5×sin(X+C)+0.5. The daily air temperature (E[Ti]) according to the E&E time [X] can be estimated by following equation using average (Tavg), maximum (Tm) and minimum (Tn) temperature : E[Ti]=Tn+(Tm—Tn)×[0.5×sin{X+(9.646 Tavg+703.65)}+0.5]. The crop leaf temperature in 24th June 2014 was high as the order of red pepper without mulching> red pepper with mulching > soybean under drought > soybean with irrigation > Chinese cabbage. The case in estimating crop leaf surface temperature using air temperature and soil surface temperature was lower in the deviation compared to the case using air temperature for Chinese cabbage and red pepper. These results can be utilized for the crop models as input data with estimation.
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