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A/R CDM 사업의 성공적 시행을 위한 정책적 시사점

A/R CDM 사업의 성공적 시행을 위한 정책적 시사점
Abstract: The objective of this study is to examine the registered A/R CDM PDD for successful CDM A/R project activities. The Ministry of Korea is interested in making CERs from the A/R CDM project activities in Korea, North Korea and Development countries. The analysis of registered PDD for the successful A/R CDM project activities as shows common issues in almost cases that are key for successful CDM registration. Many of these issues can be improving by project activities in Korea and other countries. The aim of this review, we need to sustainable study of the political, environmental, social and economic issues that affect each country. We also need develop a policy framework to technology transfer and relationship with the local community will help successful A/R CDM project activity.
Keywords: A/R CDM, Carbon Sink, LULUCF, A/R CDM Issues