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우리나라의 CDM현황과 나아가야 할 방향

우리나라의 CDM현황과 나아가야 할 방향
김정은* • 초|현아 • 손요환 • 이우균
Abstract: To deal with the Kyoto Protocol, many countries try to reduce GHGs emissions using the Kyoto Mechanism. The Kyoto protocol allows developed countries to achieve cost-effective GHGs emission reductions abroad by means of intemational emissions trading (LET), joint implementation (JI) and the clean development mechanism (CDM). The Kyoto Protocol's clean development mechanism (CDM) was establ ished in 1997 with the dual purposes of assisting non-Annex I Parties in achieving sustainable development and assisting A1mex I Parties in achieving compliance with their quantified GHG emission commitments. As Korea is a Non-Annex I country, CDM is the only way to use the Kyoto Mechanism. This study aims to make a future direction of CDM project in Korea. For that purpose, this study shows current situation of CDM project in Korea and analyzes the economic feasibility of CDM project in Korea compared to CDM project in other countries. The result shows that CDM project in Korea is not profitable than CDM in other developing countries. To make a future direction of CDM project in Korea correctly, economic feasibility as well as other researches such as future reduction potential and national GI-!Gs reduction plan should be done before making a CDM project investment decision.
Kew words: CDM, Kyoto Mechanism, economic feasibility of CDM project, Korea