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국내 바이오연료 보급 확대 방안 연구

국내 바이오연료 보급 확대 방안 연구
양성용, 조용성, 손요환, 이우균
Abstract: The production and use of renewable biofuels have grown more quickly in recent years as the alternative energy for highly-priced oil and natural gas. While the importance of biofuel development is being emphasized as the solution to the reduction of domestic greenhouse gases and enforcement of energy security, nevertheless, various
issues of material balance of biofuel, supply of biodiesel producer, non-aggressive governmental policy and the lack of consumer awareness are delaying the effective and extended supply of biofuel. This study first aims to analyze the biofuel polices and the current situations of domestic, deal with the aspects of supply and demand and last but not least, present the suggestion for improvement.
Key words: biofuel, bio-diesel, boi-ethanol