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The Analysis of Youth's Understanding on Global Warming.

The Analysis of Youth's Understanding on Global Warming.
Man-Jae Eam¹, Woo-Kyun Lee¹, Yowhan-Son¹, Yongsung Cho¹, and Choi Sungho²
Abstract: As a result of evaluating the youth’s understanding on global warming, there were many students who had been aware of glacier decrease and sea level raise, of which they cannot take direct experiences. On the other hand, it showed that they have had little understanding on practical life-related issues, such as decrease of crop production, change of habitat, forest, forest fire, yellow sand, and shortage of water supply, etc. Moreover, it showed that the students could not make a perception on international collaboration, which is very important to overcome global warming. In addition, they have low understanding on global energy balance and positive role of greenhouse gases.
Keywords global warming, understanding of the youth, greenhouse gases