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생태계 모형과 시공간 환경정보를 이용한 우리나라 식생 탄소 수지 추정

생태계 모형과 시공간 환경정보를 이용한 우리나라 식생 탄소 수지 추정
유성진·이우균·손요환·Akihiko Ito
Abstract : In this study, we simulated a carbon flux model, so called Vegetation Integrated Simulator for Trace gases (VISIT) using Spatio-temporal Environmental Information, to estimate carbon budgets of vegetation ecosystem in South Korea. As results of the simulation, the model estimated that the annual-average gross primary production (GPP), net primary production (NPP) for 10 years were 91.89 Tg C year-1, and 40.16 Tg C year-1, respectively. The model also estimated the vegetation ecosystems in South Korea as a net carbon sink, with a value of 3.51 Tg C year-1 during the simulation period. Comparing with the anthropogenic emission of South Korea, vegetation ecosystems offsets 3.3% of human emissions as a net carbon sink in 2007. To estimate the carbon budget more accurately, it is important to prepare reliable input datasets. And also, model parameters should be calibrated through comparing with various independent method. The result of this study, however, would be helpful for devising ecosystem management strategies that may help to mitigate global climate change.

Key Words : ecosystem model, vegetation carbon budget, model simulation, validation