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Estimation Method of the Disk Area in Stem Analvsis

Estimation Method of the Disk Area in Stem Analvsis
Chul-Chul Song, Woo-Kyun Lee and Bo-Young Ham
ABSTRACT : This study was performed to increase accuracy in calculation of the disk area accompanied to stem analysis. For that, mean calculation methods and selection methods of the radii to
be measured were tested. Cross-sectional shapes of tree stems were classified as 3 types, to those geometric models were assigned. Using a computer simulation technique based on the models, simulated cross-sectional stem disks with various shapes and eccentric piths were created and used to calculate their areas by mean methods and selection method of radii to be measured. The calculated areas were compared to find the best method in mean calculation and selection of the radii to be measured. As the results, quadratic mean showed the best performance in mean calculation and the selection of the right-angled 4 radii at 22.0' clockwise from the longest radius resulted in the most accurate calculation of disk area.

Key word : disk area, stem analysis, cross-sectional stem disk, eccentric pith, quadratic mean