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Dynamic Growth Model for Pinus densiflora Stands in Anmvun-lsland

Dynamic Growth Model for Pinus densiflora Stands in Anmvun-lsland
Jeong-Ho Seo, Woo-Kyun Lee, Yowhan Son and Bo-Young Ham
ABSTRACT : In this study, the relationship between growth factors for Pinus densiflora stands in Anmyun-Island was analyzed and dynamic growth model was prepared. A total of 96 sample plots was investigated in which dbh and height of individual trees were measured. From these plot data, quadratic mean dbh, mean height, dominant tree height, stem number per ha, basal area per ha and volume per ha were estimated. Several regression equations between growth factors were derived using NUN and REG procedure of SAS. And dynamic growth model, in which the equations were interactively linked, was prepared for the prediction of stand growth and yield under different management regime. The predictions of dynamic growth model were found to be coincided with general growth principles. The dynamic growth model was considered as adequate for predicting growth and yield of Pinus densiflora stand in Anmyun-lsland. In practice, the dynamic growth model can be applied for predicting the growth and development of stand for various forest treatments and for decision-making in forest management.

Key words : dynamic growth model, stand growth and yield. forest treatments, decision-making in forest