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Development of Stem Analysis Program(Stemwin1.0) for Windows

Development of Stem Analysis Program(Stemwin1.0) for Windows
Joon-Hak Lee, Woo-Kyun Lee and Jeong-Ho Seo
ABSTRACT : This study was performed to develope stem analysis program(Stemwinl.O) which can be used in PC with MS-Windows operating system. Stemwinl.O uses width of annual tree ring measured with 1/lOOmm unit, and calculate increments of several growth factors such as DBH, height and volume with various methods. Mean DBH can be calculated by arithmatic and quadratic mean methods. Height can be estimated by parallel line, line extending and height curve methods. Volume can be estimated by Huber, Smalian, and Spline functions. Not only Total growth, Mean Annual Increment(MAI) and Current Annual Increment(CAI) of growth factors, but also merchantable volume and height, form factor, growth rate, and merchantable volume rate are automatically calculated. Stemwinl. 0 can also output accurate stem taper curve with various scale, and prepare stem taper data(diameter at different disk heights) for statistical analysis for deriving stem taper model. Stemwinl. 0 can export output data and graph to Excel for more compatible use of it.
Keyword: stem analysis, DBH. height, volume, stem taper curve