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Assessment of Environmental Capacity by Law and Institution

Assessment of Environmental Capacity by Law and Institution
Son, Min-Ho, Lee, Woo-Kyun · Kim, Jeong-Gyu • Lee, Chong-Soc
법·제도적 측면의 환경용량 산정에 관한 연구
손민호, 이우균, 김정규, 이종수

Abstract : The increase of population accelerated urban concentration. It has brought up social problems and
resulted in an unbalanced development of the national land. For a balanced land development, there is recently undergoing study which is to fmd a solution to approach to the proper carrying capacity. Therefore, compared to the alternative, this study is especially focused on the calculation of environmental capacity by law, institution and administrative. In order to contribute to a balanced development, we tried to fmd the problems in law, institution and administrative. The result of study conducted on the site of Incheon indicated that environmental capacity is influenced by both green space of land policy and the characteristics of the region.
Keywords : Environmental Capacity, Carrying Capacity, Marginal Capacity, Environmental Capacity of Law