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The Influence of Thinning on Individual Tree Growth in Mixed Stand

The Influence of Thinning on Individual Tree Growth in Mixed Stand
Jeong-Ho Seo, Woo-Kyun Lee, Kyeong-Hak Lee, Se-Kyeong Chon and Yeong-Mo Son
ABSTRACT : To analyse the influence of thinning on individual tree growth, especially in mixed forest, the sample plot was investigated in mixed forest which is located in Chungnam-Goesangun, that is a experimental forest of Korea University. Growth infonnation of all trees in sample plot was measured and thinning was perfonned as a simulation. After thinning, the future growth was estimated for all remained trees. The applied thinning methods were Terasaki, Hawley and Selection thinning. For the estimation of future growth after the thinning, the individual DBH growth models from this research area were considered. The thinning intensity applied was "light thinning", except selection thinning. Therefore there was little difference on stand status· between before and after thinning. However. in case of selection thinning, that difference and estimated future growth were considerably high. because about
half of trees were thinned by simulation and the situation of competition became lower than before. Simultaneously, the thinning supplied the sufficient growing space. It is proved that the selection thinning is able to induce the better growth than other thinning methods and control better the individual growth in short period for specific species .

Key words : influence of thinning, individual tree growth, mixed forest, DBH growth model