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Application Study of Vulnerability Assessment Models for Water Resources to Climate Change by Spatial and Watershed Scales.

Chung, Ji Woong, Lee, Woo-Kyun†, Cui, Guishan, Lee, Sang Chul, Choi, Sungho and Choi, Hyun-Ah
ABSTRACT: In this study, vulnerability of water resources to climate change was assessed in terms of flood,
drought and water management. Criteria and indicators were employed for assessing the vulnerability. The criteria used to assess the vulnerability was sensitivity of the study area, the exposure to climate and the adaptability to climate change. These criteria were quantified and standardized using corresponding indicators. Vulnerability of water resources to climate change is assessed to be generally increasing over time. The appropriate watershed scales are the large drainage basin for national level vulnerability assessment and the small drainage basin for local one.
Key words : Climate Change, Water Resource, Flood, Drought, Water Management, Vulnerability