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Development of an Canopy Projection Model(CPM), Considering Influences of Temporal and Spatial Factors.


This study was performed to develop a canopy projection model, considering influences of temporal and spatial factors. First of all, a geometric model was designed to estimate canopy projection surface with several independent variables such as temporal and spatial factors, and a computer program was developed for the model.

In order to test the model performance, in each 9 virtual sample plots with different spatial characteristics, canopy projection surfaces were estimated at 12 levels of temporal factors using a simulation method. And it is tested, if the estimated canopy projection areas are coincident with given temporal and spatial factors.

As a result, it is showed that the canopy projection model developed in this study has high performance in projecting the crown and canopy according to the spatial and temporal influences. This canopy projection model is expected to make useful information for the studies about the relationships between canopy projection and micro environmental changes in forest stands.


Key words : canopy projection model, temporal factors, spatial factors, micro environment.