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항공 LiDAR 자료를 이용한 브루나이 열대우림의 임분단위 지상부 생체량 추정

This study aims to quantify the stand-level above ground biomass in intact tropical rainforest of Brunei using airborne LiDAR data. Twenty four sub-plots with the size of 0.09ha (30 m×30 m)were located in the 25ha study area along the altitudinal gradients. Field investigated data (Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) and individual tree position data) in sub-plots were used. Digital Surface Model(DSM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Canopy Height Model (CHM) were constructed using airborne LiDAR data. CHM was divided into 24 sub-plots and 12 LiDAR height metrics were built. Multiple regression equation between the variables extracted from the LiDAR data and biomass calculated by using a allometric equation was derived. Stand-level biomass estimated from LiDAR data were distributed from 155.81 Mg/ha to 597.21 Mg/ha with the mean value of 366.48 Mg/ha. R-square value of the verification analysis was 0.84.
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