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InVEST 모델을 이용한 서식처 가치 평가

Jeju Island is managed intensively in terms of environmental and ecological aspect because of its extraordinary ecosystem types comprising numerous rare, protected flora and fauna. To depict rapid change of habitat status in Jeju Island, the InVEST Habitat Quality model has been operated and compared analytically with the Eco-Natural map. The Habitat Quality map of Jeju Island is turned out to have similar inclination with Eco-Natural map. We compared the average habitat quality value in each Eco-natural map class in Jeju Island and the habitat quality value of first second third grade and non-included area decreased as 0.95 0.76, 0.53 and 0.37 in eco natural map respectively. Compared to
biodiversity map based on biological investigation, the result of the InVEST habitat quality model can be simply obtained by land cover map with threat and sensitivity data. Further studies are needed to make explicit coefficients for Jeju Island and Korean peninsula, then the Habitat Quality model could be applied to past and future scenarios to analyze extent of habitat degradation in time series to help decision makers.
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