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Improvement of Cooperation Charge on Conservation of Ecosystem Reflected Natural Capitals Valuation - Focused on Forest Area -

In Korea, a cooperation charge on conservation of ecosystem is imposed to prevent indiscriminate
development. The total amount of this charge is determined by multiplying the size of the destroyed
area by a value per unit area and the area index within 5 billion won. Since 2001, the charge per
unit area has been determined to be 250 won/m2. In this study, we estimated the unit value of
ecosystem services per year using benefit transfer method, with a focus on forest resources. According
to our results, forest resources have a value of about 3,500 won/m2 per year. When the non-use value
is subtracted, that figure becomes approximately 1,300 won/m2. If this value incorporates the unit value
of the cooperation charge on conservation of ecosystem, it will increase. To comply with the original
intent of the cooperation charge on conservation of ecosystem, the fund must be used to improve
ecosystem services, including the restoration of a destroyed area or the purchase of new land.