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A Study on the Methodological Improvements of Forest Management Planning

A Study on the Methodological Improvements of Forest Management Planning 
Woo-Kyun Lee, Woo-Hyuk Byun, Sung-Min Yoon
ABSTRACT : This study, focused on the rationality of forest survey, planning or decision-making, prediction of volume and growth those are accompanied in forest management planning, is aimed at presenting methodological improvements of forest management planning. The current forest management planning system based on sample plot survey has some problems that the acquired stand informations are not sufficiently used in decision-making
processes. This is caused by the facts that the current forest management planning system is based on tree-level volume tables and doesn't employ stand-level yield model such as yield table in decision-making processes. This facts cause also another serious problems that working plan can not be made using stand-level growth or density factors. Yield and growth coming with working plan are not also predicted . In order to improve above-mentioned methodological problems of current forest management planning system, two methods based on yield table are presented. Using yield graph in which periodic yields are graphically illustrated by various current and target stocking, periodic yield for given current and planned target stocking can be easily taken. Another more practicable method is to computerize the whole working plan processes. The computer aided planning system developed by this study estimates general growth factors with help of yield table and data measured by angle count survey. And in this system, periodic yield and growth, volume at the end of period are automatically calculated by given target stocking.
Key words: forest management planning, stand survey, decision making, yield and growth, methodological improvements, yield graph, computer aided planning system