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Improvement of Sustainable National Park Management System : Focusing Establishment of Management Based Environmental Capacity

Improvement of Sustainable National Park Management System :
 Focusing Establishment of Management Based Environmental Capacity
Minho Son, Wookyun Lee, ChulChul Song
ABSTRACT : The current study suggested plans to maintain excellent natural environment of national parks by prohibiting excessive use and introduced the concept of environment capacity using GIS. This paper is that researches on National Parks in the past studied were mostly on the natural resources, human resources, facilities and visitors as well as standard for management of these issues from individual perspective, this study defmed concept of  integrated (principle of overlay) carrying capacity. It also estimated environmental ecological conservation value considering ecological conservation and environment-ecological index and estimated visit attraction index based on attraction value of nature and facilities in the parks. And it suggested management index as a management plan for effective analysis and management of carrying capacity. As a result, in case of Mt. Jiri National Park, Grade 5 area requiring inducement occupied 71 % while Grade 1 area requiring dispersion occupied 0.1 %, which means the necessity of appropriate dispersion in the site.
Moreover, this research aims to fmd a monitoring method, utilizing the concept of ubiquitous, for the continuous systematic monitoring on immense natural resources, facilities, and visitors. The continuable national park management plan was proposed by establishing quantitative, and qualitative objective of the environment capacity from the decision based on GIS public opinions from the gathered information.
Through the GIS public opinion system and ubiquitous based technology, propose the effective management technology method for national park.

Keywords: ubiquitous, sustainable, u-Park, environmental capacity, carrying capacity. GIS