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Landscape Elements and User Satisfaction in National Street: Focusing on Gwangwhamun Square

National street has become one of open space for enhancing environmental qualities of city and country. In the developed countries such as France, U.K. U.S.A are designed symbolic malls, squares and street which are represented the historicity, culture and symbolic place. For place identity, we analyzed the relationship between element and user satisfaction in Sejong Avenue, Gwangwhamun Square. Data were analyzed using statistical methods such as descriptive statistics, ANOVA and correlation. Results of this study are as follows, i) factor analysis is carried out to extract spatial components and satisfaction. The satisfaction concerning transportation access was the higher than other factors, ii) user satisfaction was strongly correlated on the spatial elements, iii) user showed high user perception to study site. Results of this study can identify representative street management plan based on landscape elements and user satisfaction.