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Quantifying Climate Change Regulating Service of Forest Ecosystem - Focus on Quantifying Carbon Storage and Sequestration -

Forest ecosystem provides variety goods and services for human being. Unlike goods, forest
ecosystem services could not be easily priced by market mechanism. This uncertainty has been
caused to conflict in decision-making related forest ecosystem services. Quantification of forest
ecosystem services is required to understand the importance of ecosystem services and their contribution
to decision-making. As a growing concern of climate change, it is necessary to quantify and
calculate carbon storage and sequestration in forest. In this study, for quantifying carbon storage
and sequestration, we compared scale, output, input data availability of the models and analyzed
the applicability of the models to Korea. The results of this study show that most models are applicable
for quantifying carbon storage and sequestration. However, relatively few models are applicable
for other regulating services (air quality regulation, flood mitigation, erosion control, water
quality, etc.) of forest. This study would be helpful for quantifying regulating services of forest ecosystem