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The lnfluence of Weighting Value derived by the Regression Equation on the Result of Vulnerability Assessment

The frequency and intensity of abnormal climate caused by climate change is increasing in Korea.
Also, the amount of damage from disaster is increasing rapidly. The research on vulnerability
assessment analyzes environmentally, socially and economically vulnerable indicators and is ongoing
to reduce the intensity of damage and establish adaptation policies for climate change. Therefore,
in this study, we assessed vulnerability using weighting value derived by the regression equation.
There are 3 evaluation items : vulnerability assessment for farmland erosion to flood, vulnerability assessment
for health to heat wave, vulnerability assessment for forest fire to drought. For this study,
indicators for each sectors were selected and spatial data for each sectors were established using GIS
program. Results showed that vulnerability to heat wave was more affected by climate factors. On
the other hand, vulnerability to flood and drought was more affected by social-economic factors.
Then, to analysis efficiency of the regression analysis, vulnerability result was compared between
the existing vulnerability research with no weighting applied and the vulnerability research with the
influence of weighting value derived by the regression. This study showed that the regression analysis
is efficient to provide practical and feasible alternatives in terms of planning climate change
adaptation policies and it is expected to be utilized for vulnerability assessment in the future.