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01 Statische und dynamische Wachstumsmodelle auf der Grundlage einmaliger Probeflaechenaufnahmen am Beispiel von Pinus densiflora in Korea  Lee, W.K. AFJZ 165(4): 69-76 / 1994 
02 Iterative Bestimmung von Konkurrenzbaeume in Pinus densiflora Bestaende  Lee, W.K., Gadow, K.v. AFJZ 168(3/4): 41-45 / 1997 
03 Waldstruktur und Lorenz-Modell  Lee, W.K., Gadow, K.v., Akca, A. AFJZ 170(12): 220-223 / 1999 
04 Effects of thinning on soil nitrogen mineralization in a Japanese larch plantation.  Son, Y., Lee, W.K., Lee, S.E., Ryu, S.R Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis (30: 2539-2550) / 1999 
05 Restructuring of forest ownership model for Korean after unification. Byun, W.H., Lee,W.K., Kim, Y.Y., Kim, H.Y. AFJZ, 171(9/10): 157-164 / 2000 
06 Allometry and biomass of Korean pine (Pinus koraiensis) in central Korea. Bioresource Technology Son., Y., Hwang, J.W., Kim, Z.S., Lee, W.K., Kim, J.S. Bioresource Technology (78: 251-255) / 2001 
07  Modeling stem profiles for Pinus densiflora in Korea.  Lee, W.K., Seo, J.H., Son, Y.M., Lee, K.H., Gadow, K.v.  Forest Ecology and Management (172: 69-77) / 2003 
08 Dbh-growth model of Pinus densiflora and Quercus variabilis mixed stands in central Korea. Lee, W.K., Gadow, K.v., Chung, D.J., Lee, J.L. Ecological modeling (176 (1/2): 187-200) / 2004 
09 A forest planning model for continuous employment in a forested village with primarily young stands in Korea Lee, W.K., Biging, G., Gadow, K.v., Byun, W.H. New Forests (29(1):15-32) / 2006 
10 Geostatistical analysis of regional differences in stem taper form of Pinus densiflora in central Korea Lee, W.K., Biging, G.S., Son, Y., Byun, W.H.,Lee, K.H., Son, Y.M., Seo, J.H. Ecological Research (21:513-525) / 2006 
11 Detection of individual trees and estimation of tree height using LiDAR data Kwak, D.A., Lee, W.K., Lee, J.H., Biging G.S., Gong, P. Journal of Forest Research (12:6 425-434) / 2007 
12 Fine Root Dynamics in Thinned and Limed Pitch Pine and Japanese Larch Plantations Hwang, J., Son, Y., Kim, C., Yi, M.J., Kim, Z.S., Lee, W.K., Hong, S.K. Journal of Plant Nutrition (30:1821-4087) / 2007 
13 Influence of forest tending works on carbon distribution and cycling in a Pinus densiflora S. et Z. stand in Korea. Choonsig Kim,*, Yowhan Son, Woo-Kyun Lee, Jaeyeob Jeong, Nam-Jin Noh Forest Ecology and Management 257: 1420–1426 / 2009 
14 Evaluation for Damaged Degree of Vegetation by Forest Fire using Lidar and a Digital Aerial Photograph Kwak, D.A Chung, J.W, Lee, W.K, Kafatos, M, Lee, S.Y, Cho, H.K, Lee, S.H.  Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing (76(3): 277-287) / 2009 
15 Estimating stem volume and biomass of Pinus koraiensis using LiDAR data Kwak, D.A., Lee, W.K., Cho, H.K., Lee, S.H., Son. Y., Kafatos, M., Kim, S.R.  Journal of Plant Research (123(4): 421-32) / 2010 
16 Estimation of effective plant area index for South Korean forests using LiDAR system Kwak, D.A., Lee, W.K., Kafatos, M., Son, Y., Cho, H.K., Lee, S.H. Science in China Life Science (53:7 898-908) / 2010 
17 Changes in the distribution of South Korean forest vegetation simulated using thermal gradient indices Choi, S., Lee, W.K., Son, Y., Yoo, S., Lim, J.H.  Science in China Life Science (53:7 784-797) / 2010 
18 Estimation of carbon storage based on individual tree detection in Pinus densiflora stands using a fusion of aerial photography and LiDAR data Kim, S.R., Kwak, D.A., Lee, W.K., Son. Y., Bae, S.W., Kim, C., Yoo, S.  Science in China Life Science (53(7): 885-897) / 2010 
19 Influence of stand density on soil CO2 efflux for a Pinus densiflora forest in Korea Noh, N.J., Son, Y.H., Lee, S.K., Yoon. T.K., Seo, K.W., Kim, C., Lee, W.K., Bae, S.W., Hwang, J.  Journal of Plant Research (123: 411–419) / 2010 
20 Spatial Distribution and Radial Growth Response of Pinus densiflora to Climatic and Topographic Factors in Central Urban Forest of Seoul, Korea Choi, H.A., Lee, W.K., Byun, J.G., Kwak, H.B., Kim, S.R., Byun, W.H.  Journal of Forest Planning Japan (16: 163-169) / 2010 
21 Vulnerability Assessment of Forest Ecosystem to Climate Change in Korea Using MC1 Model  Choi, S., Lee, W.K., Kwak, H.B., Kim, S.R., Yoo, S., Choi, H.A., Park, S., Lim, J.H.  Journal of Forest Planning Japan (In press) / 2010 
22 Forest Cover Classification by Optimal Segmentation of High Resolution Satellite Imagery Kim, S.R., Lee, W.K., Kwak, D.A., Biging, G.S., Gong, P., Lee, J.H., Cho, H.K. Sensors (11: 1943-1985) / 2011 
23 Estimating Crown Variables of Individual Trees Using Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanners Jung, S.E., Kwak, D.A., Park, T.J., Lee, W.K., Yoo, S. Remote Sensing (3: 2346-2363) / 2011 
24 Predicting forest cover changes in future climate using hydrological and thermal indices in South Korea Choi, S., Lee, W.K., Kwak, D., Lee, S., Son, Y., Choi, Lim, J.H., Saborowski, J.  Climate Research (49: 229-245) / 2011 
25 Detecting and cleaning outliers for robust estimation of variogram models in insect count data.  Park, J.J., Shin, K.I., Lee, J.H., Lee, S.E., Lee, W.K., Cho, K.  Ecological Research (27: 1-13) / 2012 
26 Estimating the spatial pattern of human-caused forest fires using a generalized linear mixed model with spatial autocorrelation in South Korea Kwak, H , Lee, W.K. , Saborowski, J. Lee, S.Y. , Won, M.S., Koo, K.S, Lee, M.B., Kim, S.N. International Journal of Geopraphical Information Science (26:1589-1602) / 2012 
27 Estimation of non-CO2 GHGs emissions by analyzing burn severity in the Samcheok fire, South Korea. Won, M.S., Koo, K.S., Lee, M.B., Lee,W.K, Kang, K.Y. Journal of Mountain Science(6:731-741) / 2012 
28 Radial growth response of Pinus densiflora and Quercus spp. to topographic and climatic factors in South Korea Jae Gyun Byun, Woo Kyun Lee, Moonil Kim, Doo Ahn Kwak, Hanbin Kwak, Taejin Park, Woo Hyuk Byun, Yowhan Son, Jung Kee Choi, Young Jin Lee, Joachim Saborowski, Dong Jun Chung and Jin Hyun Jung Journal of Plant Ecology.6(5), 380~392/ 2013 
29 Estimation of the ecosystem carbon budget in South Korea between 1999 and 2008 Seongjin Yoo, Doo-Ahn Kwak, Guishan Cui, Woo-Kyun Lee, Hanbin Kwak, Akihiko Ito, Yowhan Son, Seongwoo Jeon Ecol Res 28. 1045-1059, 2013 
30 Allometric equations for estimating the aboveground volume of five common urban street tree species in Daegu, Korea Tae Kyung Yoon, Chan-Woo Park, Sun Jeoung Lee, Suin Ko, Kyung Nam Kim, Yeongmo Son, Kyung Hak Lee, Suhyun Oh, Woo-Kyun Lee, Yowhan Son Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 12. 344-349. 2013 
31 Carbon and nitrogen dynamics in a Pinus densiflora forest with low and high stand densities Nam Jin Noh, Choonsig Kim, Sang Won Bae, Woo Kyun Lee, Tae Kyung Yoon, Hiroyuki Muraoka, Yowhan Son Journal of Plant Ecology 6(5). 368-379. 2013 
32 Small-scale spatial variability of soil properties in a Korean swamp Tae Kyung Yoon, Nam Jin Noh, Saerom Han, Hanbin Kwak, Woo-Kyun Lee, Yowhan Son Landscape and Ecological Engineering 11(2). 301-312/2013 
33 Unconstrained approach for isolating individual trees using high-resolution aerial imagery Taejin Park, Jung-Kil Cho, Jong-Yeol Lee, Woo-Kyun Lee, Sungho Choi, Doo-Ahn Kwak, and Moon-Il Kim International Journal of Remote Sensing(35(1) 89–114) / 2014 
34 Application of the Savitzky-Golay Filter to Land Cover Classification Using Temporal MODIS Vegetation Indices So-Ra Kim, Anup K. Prasad, Hesham El-Askary, Woo-Kyun Lee, Doo-Ahn Kwak, Seung-Ho Lee, Menas Kafatos Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing. 80(7). 675-685/ 2014 
35 Estimating plot volume using lidar height and intensity distributional parameters Doo-Ahn Kwak, Guishan Cui, Woo-Kyun Lee, Hyun-Kook Cho, Seong Woo Jeonc, Seung-Ho Lee International Journal of Remote Sensing. 35(13). 4601-4629/ 2014 
36 Estimation of Forest Carbon Budget from Land Cover Change in South and North Korea between 1981 and 2010 Guishan Cui1, Woo-Kyun Lee1*, Damin Kim, Eun Jung Lee, Hanbin Kwak, Hyun-Ah Choi, Doo-Ahn Kwak, Seongwoo Jeon, Weihong Zhu Journal of Plant Biology. 57. 225-538/ 2014 
37 Monitoring of Vegetation Dynamics in the Mongolia Using MODIS NDVIs and their Relationship to Rainfall by Natural Zone Munkhnasan Lamchin, Taejin Park, Jong-Yeol Lee, Woo-Kyun Lee Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing/ 2014 
38 Spatio-temporal change in forest cover and carbon storage considering actual and potential forest cover in South Korea NAM Kijun, LEE Woo-Kyun, KIM Moonil, KWAK Doo-Ahn, BYUN Woo-Hyuk, YU Hangnan, KWAK Hanbin, KWON Taesung, SUNG Joohan,CHUNG Dong-Jun, LEE Seung-Ho Life science 58(7). 713-723 / 2015 
39 Studying Air Pollutants Origin and Associated Meteorological Parameters over Seoul from 2000 to 2009 Sunmin Park, Hesham El-Askary, Ismail Sabbah, Hanbin Kwak, Anup K. Prasad, Woo-Kyun Lee, Menas Kafatos Advances in Meteorology 2015 (2015). 12pages / 2015 
40 Current Status of Children’s Gardens Within Public Gardens in the United States Min Hyeong Kwon, Changwan Seo, Jongyun Kim, Moonil Kim, Chun Ho Pak, Woo-Kyun Lee HortTechnology 25(5). 671-680 / 2015 
41 Assessment of land cover change and desertification using remote sensing technology in a local region of Mongolia Munkhnasan Lamchin, Jong-Yeol Lee, Woo-Kyun Lee, Eun Jung Lee, Moonil Kim, Chul-Hee Lim, Hyun-Ah Choi, So-Ra Kim Advances in Space Research 57. 64-77 / 2016 
42 Assessing vulnerability of forests to climate change in South Korea Guishan Cui, Hanbin Kwak, Sungho Choi, Moonil Kim, Chul-Hee Lim, Woo-Kyun Lee, Joon-Soon Kim, Yeora Chae Journal of Fores Research. 1-15 / 2015 
43 Individual radial growth model for uneven-aged mixed oak forests in central Korea JEONG-HO SEO, WOO-KYUN LEE, MOONIL KIM forstarchiv 87. 5-11 / 2016 
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