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Static and dynamic growth model based on temporary sample survey, in case of Pinus densiflora in Korea.


This study, which is based on a temporary sample survey, stem analysis and stand taper curve equation, was aimed at preparing a empirical yield table from the static growth model, and a dynamic growth model for different forest management regimes for Pinus densiflora. A yield table for the even-aged Pinus densiflora stands in middle-east Korea was constricted with the help of the static growth model. All growth factors in this yield table were developed according to the general principles of growth. A dynamic growth prediction model has also prepared for Pinus densiflora. The ratio of the number of thinned stems to the number of stems before thinning was used as a basis for quantifying thinning intensity and estimating the change of the stand parameters after thninning. An algebraic differences form was applied for projecting the stand growth model enables the uses to simulated and project the development process of stands under various thinning intensities and cycles. The yield table from the static growth model serves as a criteria to assessing the stats of stands. The dynamic growth model can be, in practice, applied to help in decision making for alternative forest treatments.