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Modeling stem profiles for Pinus densiflora in Korea

Modeling stem profiles for Pinus densiflora in Korea
Woo-Kyun Lee, Jeong-Ho Seo, Young-Mo Son, Kyeong-Hak Lee, Klaus von Gadow
Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering, Engineering, Korea University, Anam-Dong 5Ga, Sungbuk-Ku, Seoul 136-701, South Korea
Korea Forestry Research Institute, Cheongryangri-Dong, Dongdaemun-ku, Seoul 136-012, South Korea
Institut fuer Forsteinrichtung und Ertragskunde, Buesgenweg 5, Goettingen 37007, Germany
Received 30 May 2001; received in revised form 4 January 2002; accepted 15 April 2002
Abstract: A new taper model is presented for Pinus densiflora in Korea. The new variable-exponent model describes well the gradually changing tree form along the stem. The changing exponent of the new model can be used to graphically compare different stem forms among tree groups. And various form indices numerically expressing stem form are derived from the new model. Five form indices: (1) taper rate of the butt section, (2) inflection point, (3) parabolic or paraconic range, (4) minimum exponent, and (5) relative height at the minimum exponent, are useful analytical tools for numerically comparing stem forms and stratifying trees into different form groups.
Keywords: Stem taper model; Variable exponent; Stem form index; Infection point; Parabolic range; Minimum exponent.